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Our Costumes Need A Home

May 25, 2012 - 2:36 PM

Riverside Theatre’s current costume shop, “ArtFarm,” generously donated by Doug and Linda Paul since the flood in 2008, will no longer be available beginning this fall, so we’re seeking a new space. 

The current facility has approximately 600 sq feet which we use for costume storage, plus 600 sq feet of working shop space for designers and stitchers. From September through April, shop activity is minimal; from May-July the size of our costume staff increases to 5-6 for our season in the Park.

While one space for both costume storage and working space is ideal, we will happily consider all creative possibilities!  If you can provide or help identify a home for this integral part of the theatre’s operation, please call Jody Hovland at 887-1360.  A donation of space (or a rent reduction) is tax-deductible.

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