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Poetry Contest Winners

May 14, 2012 - 9:23 AM

Will Power Contests - Words Out of the Box - Sonnet if you Want It

This year marks the 13th Annual Riverside Theatre Will Power Poetry Contest (for grades 7-12) sponsored by MidWestOne Bank. Thank you to all students who entered and to the teachers who encouraged them.

Riverside Theatre is especially grateful to Andrea Keech, who has enthusiastically supported the Will Power program at Northwest Junior High since 2000.

Selected entrants are being honored at the Will Power dress rehearsal performance of As You Like It on June 14. Winning entries are on display in May at MidWestOne Bank, 102 S. Clinton Street in Iowa City, and in June at the Iowa City Public Library.

Special congratulations to the following winners:

First Place – Junior High

Maria Shriver

Northwest Junior High, Coralville

Grade 8


The Rest is Silence

--Hamlet, Act V, Scene ii, Variant from the First Folio

Silence speaks

When nature’s near

It licks the lips

And rests the ear

Silence kills

When jealous hearts

Come face to face

And winter starts


Silence lives

In every place

When time reveals

A lover’s face


Silence fades

When patience fails

When chaos grows

And noise prevails


Second Place – Junior High

Brooke Barnette

West Middle School, Anamosa

Grade 8

The Crown

In the pillaged castle hall

Hopes lay withered

Broken dreams scattered

Upon the floor

Unity ripped apart

At the seams


A crown lays there

Dusty, forgotten

It tells of tale

Of love, and hope, then despair

Oh, all the stories

It must hold


I sit and wonder

What its tale

Might have been

My mind imagines
A world filled

Of ancient legends


A brand new kingdom

A beloved prince

Doing his duty

And serving his people

Then meeting a princess

His dreams has come true


Then terror and suffering

His kingdom fights for its life

To no avail

The enemy wins

His perfect dream

Is no more


But this tale isn’t over

A jewel upon the crown

Tells the end

Of the tale

It tells of hope

Of a new beginning


The old has gone

But new is yet

To come

New Kingdoms will arise

Peace and Happiness are there

On the horizon


Third Place – Junior High

Ryane Scott

Prairie Point Middle School, Cedar Rapids

Grade 8

A Warming Trend

Like a red on a rose,

That blows in the winds

Traces of love,

And not of sins,

Showers of hope,

And summers end,

Days of happiness,

And letters to send,

Questions to ask,

And answers to lend,

Things to do,

And rules to bend,

Love is love,

A warming trend


First Place – Senior High

Anna Egeland

West High School, Iowa City

Grade 12


Impact of fragile wing on dense oil


Sensation of falling.


Flutter of heart


Flutter of wings


Ebb and flow

Of a crumpled aluminum heart

Ink that pulses

Through hollow bones,

Leaves behind empty space

A dimple in the crust:

A reminder of what once was


The sticky crinkle of cellophane

Is a sorrowful sound

And it hurts your ears.

Second Place – Senior High

Ashton Duncan

West High School, Iowa City

Grade 11


To Calmer Waters

For those who have walked between the ages

in exotic places’ spice dust traces,

remember time in Renaissance faces,

found a player’s game in the world’s stages…

To those who have been too long called sages,

recaptured seas, forgotten in stasis,

heard old soul tales from the lips of graces,

very stories scrawled in century’s pages…


Those who have foxes loved and lions feared,

been stared back by abyss-ended pier.

Who have been brutish, short, ‘til hope appeared,

had the great, light burden: a pen held dear.

To those who lived, loved, prospered, pioneered:

good night, good luck, to all who sailed here.

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