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Written by William Shakespeare

Directed by Sean Christopher Lewis
Starring Patrick DuLaney, Saren Nofs-Snyder, Tim Budd

June 9-18, 2017 

Artistic director Sean Lewis’s radical re-interpretation of Shakespeare’s classic uses a small cast to tell the story of Macbeth, an ambitious general in a country where strife runs as far back as memory. Three witches promise Macbeth will wear the crown of Scotland if he has the guts to take down the king. Propped up by his brilliant wife, he succeeds in the dastardly deed—but then what? With the witches—here, a group of women left nationless by conflict, who have no way to end the bloodshed but by taking down the unstoppable warrior Macbeth—we enter a world of passion, intrigue, macabre strategy, and magic. Accessible and thrilling, sophisticated and primal, this MACBETH revisits a time-old tale of power, weaving a ghost story fit for any starry summer night.

Written by Jordan Allen-Dutton, Jason Catalano, 
Gregory J. Qaiyum, Jeffrey Qaiyum, and Erik Weiner

Directed by Postell Pringle

Starring Felipe Carrasco, Zach Twardowski, Barrington Vaxter and Chris Walbert

June 23-July 2, 2017 

A stupendous, tremendous, momentous ad-RAP-tation of Shakespeare’sThe Comedy of Errors, THE BOMB-ITTY OF ERRORS mixes Shakespeare’s poetry with the family-friendly beats of early hip hop. When two sets of twins separated at birth stumble upon each other, hilarity ensues. Mistaken identities, mismatched romances, pratfalls, live DJ-ing, and quick character changes tell a rollicking story of families: the families we make and the families we’re born into. So, to the families and the fam, to music aficionados and poetry lovers, to fans of Hamilton or Will Shakespeare, to audiences of every age, this is our invitation, our promise: THE BOMB-ITTY OF ERRORS is the best party you’ll go to this summer.

36th Season


Sept. 9-25, 2016

Written and directed by Sean Lewis
Starring Barrington Vaxter, Alyssa Perry, Ryan West and Tierra Plowden

Ten years ago Charlie was a cop on a beat and Marcus was a suspect in the Fuller Park section of Chicago. Ten years since their paths crossed, their lives have gone in different directions but questions remain: was it abuse? Brutality? Or solid police work? Charlie's sister Charlotte is looking into the case for herself this time, and this particular evening she's decided to bring Marcus home with her to really figure out what is what.

Sean says: "Some plays are perfect, some are timeless and some are necessary. This is an in-process production about one of the most immediate issues in our country today."

Oct. 28-Nov. 13, 2016

Written by Lauren Gunderson
Directed by Angie Toomsen
Starring Kristy Hartsgrove Mooers, Jordan Arnold and Cara Clonch Viner

Just in time for the Election Season comes a politically-minded comedy starring three of the funniest women in Eastern Iowa. What happens when a conservative senatorial aide, a liberal political activist and a newly-crowned Miss Georgia walk into a bar? The results are hilarious, but this play is no joke. Lauren Gunderson’s THE TAMING takes on America’s overheated political rhetoric, some surprising truths about our founding fathers, and the passions of three slightly insane women who just might be revolutionary geniuses.

Sean says: "I was thinking, 'What do I usually want during election season?' The answer: Wild, frivolous and smart comedy. For fans of KIMBERLY AKIMBO and END DAYS, this is one to vote for."
 Nov. 26-Dec. 11, 2016 

Written by Duncan Macmillan, with Jonny Donahoe
Directed by Sean Christopher Lewis
Starring Tim Budd

1. Ice cream, 2. Water fights, 3. Things with stripes, 4. Christopher Walken's voice, 5. Rollercoasters. Starring one of the area's most beloved actors, EVERY BRILLIANT THING is the story of a young boy who attempts to ease his mother's sadness by creating a list of all the best things in the world. Through adulthood, as the list grows, he learns the deep significance it has on his own life. A truly beautiful evening.

Sean says: "One of the best pieces I saw in New York last year. It gives me all the things I want from a holiday-timed play: beauty, family, community and awe. Can't miss."

 Jan. 20-Feb. 12, 2017 
Written by Arthur Miller
Directed by Sean Christopher Lewis
Starring Patrick Du Laney and Kristy Hartsgrove Mooers

An American Classic. The great Arthur Miller confronts the American dream in this dark and passionate tale. In Brooklyn, longshoreman Eddie Carbone welcomes his Sicilian cousins to the land of freedom. But when one of them falls for his beautiful niece, they discover that freedom comes at a price. A story about family, immigration and who gets to belong.

Sean says: "Arthur Miller is one of my favorite playwrights, and here you have the last of the big three: DEATH OF A SALESMAN, ALL MY SONS and now A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE. No one writes America like Miller."

Feb. 24-March 12, 2017 
Written by Megan Gogerty 
Directed by Saffron Henke
Starring Megan Gogerty
When comedian Megan Gogerty is informed that she can’t play Lady Macbeth - because Lady Macbeth is a tragic figure of powerful darkness, and Megan is the human equivalent of a golden retriever - she sets out to prove them all wrong, only to discover that not only must she reevaluate her preconceptions of Lady Macbeth, she must reconsider herself as both a woman and as a standup comedian. Silly, theatrical, and complex, Megan attempts to answer the question, “What’s it like to be a woman comedian?” Spoiler: it’s murder.
Sean Says: "Megan is by far a Riverside favorite. There is no one else that will bring you humor with insight like the erstwhile Ms. Gogerty."

Written by Mark St. Germain

Directed by Angie Toomsen
Starring Saffron Henke

A National New Play Network Rolling World Premiere

April 14-30, 2017

In 1902, Albert Einstein had a daughter. Two years later she disappeared, and was never mentioned again. What happened?  Relativity imagines one theory while exploring the two contradictory Albert Einsteins: the beloved Public Figure, and a stunningly different Private Einstein. Starring Saffron Henke who has wowed local audiences in SYRINGA TREE and VENUS IN FUR.
Sean says: "A fast paced and surprising look at an intellectual giant. Like a mash-up of PICASSO AT THE LAPIN AGILE and DOUBT, the play uses wit and intelligence to uncover possible truths."



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