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We're seeking a Technical Director

April 19, 2016 - 2:25 PM

We're looking to add a new member to our team.


 The Technical Director oversees all set construction and improvements to Riverside Theatre production facilities, including the Gilbert Street stage, Festival stage (Riverside Theatre in the Park) and shop spaces.  The Technical Director may design scenery or lighting for one production per season, and may be assigned adjunct design responsibilities for special or weekend events.  The position is full-time, exempt from overtime and offers benefits. Starting salary low 20s; additional compensation possible based on design qualifications.

 While the Technical Director may have one work-study assistant during the academic year, and apprentice assistance during the summer season, the position is a “department of one” and requires comfort working independently.

 Start date: July 1-August 1TBD. Applications will be reviewed as received.  To apply, send a resume and cover letter to: [email protected]  or Irena Saric, Riverside Theatre, 213 N. Gilbert St., Iowa City, Iowa, 52245  


* Building sets, assisting with procurement of props
* Developing and maintaining the production calendar for the season
* Working collaboratively with designers, directors and other production personnel during Riverside Theatre’s year-round production process
* Researching and determining costs of materials and planning construction based on designs to estimate required human resources and final costs of projects
* Working with designers and supervising technical personnel as necessary to ensure that projects stay on schedule and within budget
* Personally overseeing budgets for set materials and props
* Attending selected technical rehearsals and all production meetings
* Scheduling, planning and supervising apprentice/crew work calls
* Overseeing all strikes and changeovers

*May create design (scenic or lighting) for one Gilbert Street production as assigned

*Developing annual budgets for all technical areas and adhering to those budgets throughout the year
*Maintaining and submitting accurate monthly time sheets
*Supervising volunteers, work-study assistants, and RTP apprentices

* Maintaining the order, safety and cleanliness of the shop, stage and storage areas
* Maintaining the general working order and appearance of the main facility
* Preparing theatre for special events and rentals
* Hauling debris to City landfill
* Maintaining lamp inventory; overseeing lighting and sound inventory
* Completing facilities projects as assigned

* Overseeing all additional labor including occasional volunteers
* Maintaining a safe work environment and ensuring that all volunteers are working with appropriate tools
* Training and supervising apprentices during Riverside Theatre in the Park

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