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Meet Neville, 2018-19 RIVERDOG!

Neville and his proud owner, Maggie Conroy, are the lucky winners of our Riverdog Raffle announced on the Riverside Festival Stage on June 17, 2018. Watch for more pictures and stories about Neville throughout the season... this is just the beginning for our newest star!


THE 2018-2019 gilbert street season


by Bekah Brunstetter

Sept. 7-Sept. 30, 2018

From the writer of the hit TV Show THIS IS US comes a heartfelt and stirring play straight from America's headlines.

Della's North Carolina bakery is legendary! She is overjoyed when her best friend's daughter returns from New York to get married and asks Della to make her wedding cake. Della, a sweet-natured Christian, is forced to re-examine her deeply-held beliefs and her own marriage when she realizes there is not one bride, but two. Faith, family, and frosting collide in this timely new play by Bekah Brunstetter, writer for the NBC hit This is Us.

"Superb... Explores human conflict from an insightful, offbeat perch with understanding, respect and compassion for opposing points of view" - Los Angeles Times



by Arthur Miller

Oct. 26-Nov. 18, 2018

From one of America's greatest playwrights comes an examination of what it all costs.

When the Great Depression cost his family their fortune, Victor Franz gave up his dream of an education to support his father. Three decades later, Victor has returned to his childhood home to sell the remainder of his parents' estate. His wife, his estranged brother, and the wily furniture dealer hired to appraise their possessions all arrive with their own agendas, forcing Victor to confront a question, long-stifled, about the value of his sacrifice.

"Beautifully written...a warmly-wise portrait of a family that is on the edge of getting torn apart forever." - WNYC



Nov. 30-Dec. 16, 2018

A holiday comedy for the disenchanted.

Rebecca, Tori and Addie spend the holidays together at a lonely karaoke bar. As the discuss exes, mothers in law and the chaos of any family gathering- jokes and understanding emerge. A wild comedy about the things that go wrong, especially when you're trying to do right, it is sure to make you laugh your way through the holiday season



by Scott Carter

Jan. 25-Feb. 10, 2019

A rip roaring historical comedy that traps three of the world's greatest minds in a box!

A Founding Father, a Victorian literary celebrity, and a Russian aristocrat/anarchist clash in a provocative new comedy that sets three of the world's greatest thinkers against each other in a battle of wits and wills. Jefferson, Dickens, and Tolstoy find themselves locked in a room with no exit. Attempting an escape, they ransack the philosophies of their lives and work, searching for a truth that will set them free. From playwright and former stand-up comedian Scott Carter (writer of HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher), this whip-smart comedy examines just what happens when great men of history are forced to repeat it.

"If religion and comedy had a baby, this would be it!"-, The Huffington Post


How I Learned What I Learned

by August Wilson

Feb. 22-March 10, 2019

From the late August Wilson, one of America's greatest playwrights and creator of the Pulitzer-Prize winning Fences and The Piano Lesson, comes this autobiographical tour de force. How I Learned... follows Wilson's journey as a struggling writer in Pittsburgh's Hill District, and how that neighborhood inspired THE AMERICAN HISTORY CYCLE, Wilson's ten-play landmark achievement.

"Wilson's pride, humor, eloquence, anger, storytelling gifts, and general eagerness to soak up experience: It's all there." - The Boston Globe


apple season

by E. M. Lewis

March 29-April 20, 2019

Lissie returns to her family's land after many years. A chance
encounter with an old flame conjures memories she thought she'd
escaped long ago. This striking new play explores family, desire, and
whether to preserve the tangled past -- or burn it to the ground.

"Apple Season" is produced at Riverside Theatre as a part of a
National New Play Network Rolling World Premiere. Other partnering
theaters are New Jersey Repertory Company (NJ) and Moving Arts (CA).
For more information please visit